The City of Buffalo

Agenda Item
Approved with Conditions
Jan 23, 2018 2:00 PM

J. Muniz,Owner, Special Use Permit-568 Niagara for Alcohol & Tobacco in a Retail Food Store(Ell)
Hrg 1/16/18


Department:General Public and Misc. CommunicationsSponsors:


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  2. 568 niagara-12212017095810


1. Cannot sell "loosies" - i.e. single cigarettes, single diapers, or items packaged for etc.

2. Cannot open packages that are intended to be sold as a bundle, such as crackers, and sell single unmarked items. [Many of these items especially perishables have expiration dates for public safety, the opening and selling single items without dates, nutritional information and other important information is a public safety concern.]

3. Must have a minimum of two (2) working surveillance cameras. One camera should be located above the entrance facing inwards and the other should be on the outside of the entrance door outwards -toward the street. All cameras should be able to record video and store owners are asked to have the capability of saving video for at least thirty (30) days.

4. Store interior and exterior should be kept clean at all times. Store facade and landscape must be well maintained.

5. Must remove hand painted signage from front of store within 30 days of license issuance/reissuance. 6. Garbage receptacle must be maintained on the outside of the store, and emptied frequently, never allowing garbage to overflow 7. No amateur hand painted advertising on or around building. No hand painted advertising of copyrighted items, such as malt liquor, New York State Lottery and other items without written permission of the agency holding the copyright. 8. No excessive empty boxes, packaging refuse and the like outside of the store in public view except the time period allowed by city ordinance. 9. Graffiti must be removed within 72 hours 10. No obstruction of windows 11. Posted days and hours of operation 12. one of the following to be sold: "One-Hit"; Glass tubes; Cigarette rolling papers