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Create a Food Safety Education Program for Deli Stores


Department:Common CouncilSponsors:University District Council Member Rasheed N.C. Wyatt


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Whereas,               deli stores cater to neighborhood consumers from diverse populations that have serious health conditions; low income; high unemployment rates;


Whereas,              the neighborhood consumer has limited access to supermarkets, and more importantly limited access to healthy food products;


Whereas,               according to Article 20-C of the New York Agriculture and Markets Law that was recently amended to establish a food safety education certification requirement for certain retail food stores which prepare food on the premises.  The amendments would require with certain exceptions for small establishments that retail food store that applies for a food processing establishment license furnish evidence that an individual from within the store has been recognized as having completed an approved food safety education program;


Whereas,               neighborhood deli stores are exempt from obtaining food safety education certification because the law requirement does not apply to food stores that has full time employees, the owner or parent, spouse or child of the owner, or in addition not more than two full time employees; it would also not apply to food stores that has an annual gross sales in the previous calendar year of less than $3,000,000;


Whereas,   in addition to the New York Agriculture and Markets Law states that unless the food store is part of a network of subsidiaries, affiliates or other member stores under direct or indirect control which as a group had annual  gross sales of the previous calendar year of $3,000,000 or more; and


Whereas,   citizens who reside in the University District have voiced great concern on the quality of food safety in deli stores. Many are confined to utilizing deli stores due to the lack of transportation. Deli stores are expanding their services and becoming an integral part in serving both hot and cold foods.  Many who provide these services have little training in food safety and preparedness for it is not currently a requirement. 


Whereas,              it is imperative that the City ensures those most vulnerable are protected to make certain grocers are educated in the importance of food safety to safe guard some of its most at-risk customers.


Now, Therefore Be It

Resolved that The City of Buffalo Common Council-

1) That the City of Buffalo put forth an requirement that all food stores licenses are required to take some food safety education training to ensure they are aware of best practices in handling food to safe guard the public interest.  Request the New York State Agriculture and Markets create a food safety education program for deli stores that are exempt from Article 20-C, 2) Request Law Department to review the law and make recommendations by 90 days, 3) Request copies of this Resolution be forwarded to the City of Buffalo Department of Permits and Inspections, Erie County Department of Health, NYS Assemblywoman Crystal D. Peoples-Stokes, NYS Senator Tim Kennedy and the New York State of Agriculture and Markets.



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