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Identifying Antiquated Sections of the Buffalo City Charter


Department:Common CouncilSponsors:Council President, Ellicott Dist. Council Member Darius G. Pridgen


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Whereas, the Buffalo City Charter is a living document that is updated with new laws and amendments as needed to accommodate and regulate new business enterprises, technological advances, municipal innovations and other factors for the protection and wellbeing of the people of the City of Buffalo;


Whereas,               with these new updates, it is important to also periodically look back at our Charter and identify any antiquated or superfluous laws that are either no longer relevant or which may be enforced in more relevant sections of the City Charter;


Whereas,               The Buffalo Common Council has identified 3 sections of the City Charter that contain antiquated laws that are not currently enforced and may require action; and


Whereas, three sections of the Buffalo City Charter that are as followed:

·              Section 222-1: Glue

·              Section 425: Sunday Activities

·              Section 98: Bootblacks


Now, Therefore Be It Resolved that The City of Buffalo Common Council-


1)              calls on Corporation Counsel to research the above named sections of the charter, identify the best course of action for these sections, and report their recommendations to the Buffalo Common Council for review;

2)              requests that the City Clerk forward this resolution to Corporation Counsel and Permits and Inspections.



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