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Request for Inclusionary Zoning Ordinance (ELL)


Department:Common CouncilSponsors:Council President, Ellicott Dist. Council Member Darius G. Pridgen


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Whereas,               despite magnificent growth for The City of Buffalo, displacement of lower income tenants is on the rise;


Whereas, it is paramount that The City takes action to prevent increased socio-economic segregation; and


Whereas,               inclusionary zoning is a tool that can leverage new residential development to address the concerns of affordable housing: Now, Therefore Be It


Resolved that The City of Buffalo Common Council-


1)              Directs Corporation Counsel to begin the process of drafting an inclusionary zoning ordinance for The City; and

2)              Requests that counsel collaborate with the Affordable Rent and Housing Task Force, Office of Strategic Planning, and members of Buffalo’s developer community in the drafting of the aforementioned ordinance.



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