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Report of Sale 71 Longnecker (Lovejoy)


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The Office of Strategic Planning, Division of Real Estate has received a request from Timothy and Sylvia Chase, 3783 Riceville Road, Machias, NY 14101 to purchase 71 Longnecker Street. Mr. and Mrs. Chase would like to purchase the lot for added yard space for their adjacent property located 69 Longnecker Street.


The Office of Strategic Planning Land Use Planning Committee, Division of Permit and Inspection Services and the Division of Collections have no objections to the sale of the property.  


There are no building code violations, taxes or other liens owed to the City of Buffalo by the purchaser. A market analysis performed by the Division of Real Estate showing similar sales in the area range from Fifty Five Cents ($0.55) to One Dollar Thirty Five Cents ($1.35) per square foot.


Mr. and Mrs. Chase has agreed and are prepared to pay One Dollar ($1.00) per square foot for the parcel for a total of Three Thousand Four Hundred Fifty Dollars ($3,450.00) for the above referenced property. They have also agreed to pay for the cost of the transfer tax and recording fees.

I am recommending that Your Honorable Body approve the sale of 71 Longnecker Street for the amount of Three Thousand Four Hundred Fifty Dollars ($3,450.00) to Timothy and Sylvia Chase. I am further recommending that the Office of Strategic Planning prepare the necessary documents for the transfer of title and that the Mayor be authorized to execute the same.