The City of Buffalo

Agenda Item

Golombek - Waive Fees Associated with Zoning Amendment of 461 Hinman


Department:Common CouncilSponsors:North District Council Member Joseph Golombek Jr


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Whereas               due to the 2017 Green Code updates, the zoning designation of 461 Hinman Avenue was changed from C2 to N-3R;


Whereas               the property at 461 Hinman Avenue is a truck repair business;


Whereas               the change in zoning has made the business at 461 Hinman nonconforming;


Whereas              a zoning amendment to change 461 Hinman from N-3R to D-IL/D-C would correct this mistake made by The City of Buffalo;


Whereas              the costs associated with the zoning amendment should not be incurred by the owner as this was the fault of The City: Now, Therefore Be It


Resolved that The City of Buffalo Common Council-


1)   waives all fees associated with the zoning amendment for 461 Hinman Avenue from N-3R to D-IL/DC;

2)  requests that copies of this resolution be sent to the Office of Strategic Planning and Corporation Counsel.