The City of Buffalo

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Lodging House License (NEW) 115 Aka 117 Glenwood (ELL)


Category:License Application


Pursuant to Chapter 254 of the City of Buffalo Ordinances please be advised that I have examined the attached application for a Lodging House License located at 115 GLENWOOD aka 117 and find that as to form is correct.  I will cause an investigation into the premises for which said application for a Lodging House license is being sought and no License will be issued until all required approvals from Zoning Office, Police Department, Fire Department and Building Inspection Section are obtained and I find it complies with all  regulations and other applicable laws. I have caused an investigation by the Police Department into the moral character of JOHN LARIVEE (CEO). The attached thereto for JOHN LARIVEE (CEO) dba COMMUNITY RESOURCES FOR JUSTICE INC. This request is submitted for your approval or whatever action you deem appropriate.