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Wingo - Resolution Supporting Universal Rent Stabilization and Control


Department:Common CouncilSponsors:Masten District Council Member Ulysees O. Wingo Sr


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Whereas              The City of Buffalo has documented and identified unmet need for affordable housing opportunities to serve low and moderate income residents;


Whereas              currently state law does not provide local authority to form a local board that would determine annual allowable rental increases in order to protect tenants from arbitrary rent increases; and


Whereas              the New York State’s Emergency Tenant Protection Act (ETPA) of 1974 provides rental protections including rent stabilization whereby landlords are subject to regulated rent increases and tenants have the right to renewal leases; and


Whereas              under the current ETPA law only municipalities in Nassau, Westchester, Rockland counties and New York City are eligible to adopt a form of rent stabilization, resulting in rent control only applying to tenants in 8 of the state’s 62 counties: Now, therefore be it


Resolved that The City of Buffalo Common Council-


1)                      supports and endorses S2892A/A5030 which would protect tenants against evictions without good cause, thereby allowing them to advocate against unsafe and inhumane living conditions without fear of retaliation from landlords and prevent “unconscionable” rent hikes (currently described as 1.5 times the Consumer Price Index);


2)                     calls upon our leaders in Albany to strike the geographic restrictions from the ETPA so that qualifying local governments can have the choice to access critical rights provided under S5040/A7046; and


3)                     Directs the City Clerk to send a copy of this resolution to U.S. Senator Kirsten Gillibrand, U.S. Senator Charles Schumer, Governor Andrew Cuomo, New York State Senator Timothy Kennedy, New York State Assembly Majority Leader Crystal People Stokes, New York State Assemblyman Sean Ryan, Senate Assembly Chair Brian Kavanagh, and Assembly Housing Chair Steven Cymbrowitz.





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