The City of Buffalo

Agenda Item
Received and Filed
Oct 29, 2019 2:00 PM

Fontana - ATV Regulations


Department:Common CouncilSponsors:Lovejoy District Council Member Richard A. Fontana


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Whereas               All-Terrain Vehicle (ATV) use in The City of Buffalo is banned;


Whereas               even with this prohibition, ATV use in The City is on the rise;


Whereas               as The City continues its renaissance, safety and quality of life remain important issues for all residents; and


Whereas              without strong fines and seizure policies, there would be no deterrent for those who illegally ride ATV’s in The City: Now, therefore be it


Resolved that The City of Buffalo Common Council-


1)            Seeks to work with Corporation Counsel to increase fines for illegal use of ATVs;


2)           Intends to establish City policy for potential seizure of illegally operated ATVs; and


3)           Directs the City Clerk to forward this resolution to Corporation Counsel and Buffalo Police Department.